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Parents Need Alone Time Too

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but adults need time away from kids more than just once in a while. It needs to be structured and it needs to be a regular occurrence. Last few weeks of summer convinced me!

Teach your Child Intimacy

Lochlan, from the back seat of our car the other day: “Daddy, what is Intimacy?”. This led into a wonderful series of conversations lasting several days and I could not be happier.

Limiting Digital Device Time

When Luke was an infant, I thought it was cute he watched YouTube videos of kids playing with trains. He’s now 11 watching YouTube videos of kids playing video games.

Temp Tatoos & The Magic Forest

On our trip to Lake George, we all got temporary tatoos and were saddened to find out that The Magic Forest had been sold and the fiberglass figures were no longer frolicking through the park.

Storytelling through Art

My new parenting technique of forcing my kids to write paragraphs & read chapters to earn back devices, is actually carving out time for me to be more creative. Check out my initial sketch of Fred our papier mâché Octopus and his fun adventures.

Two Quirky Summer Adventures

Before I set up this workshop, which keeps me busy every weekend, I used to take my kids out on Saturdays and Sundays to get them out of the house and spark their sense of adventure. Here are a few of their favorites, plus updates on a few upcoming workshops.

Lochlan’s Magic Bear

I am working on a new parenting technique - which may stupendously backfire on us, though for the moment, it is developing something positive and creative that Lochlan is working on.

Create a Journal for your Child
-One Day They Will Cherish It-

We’ve kept a journal for both Luke & Lochlan documenting different stages of their first few years. We call them our “Books of Love” and hope they will read them as they get older.

Kids Name Art: Quick & Easy DIY Ideas

We’re all busy, but once a year, your little one’s birthday comes up and rather than purchase a cheesy happy birthday banner, why not try something different