Birthday Parties at Little Pulp

little pulp birthday

We are happy to be back celebrating birthday parties with you and your kids. The parties will be slightly different from what we have done in the past, but we are gearing up for just as much fun and lots of creative mess.

The parties are 2 hours long and you have an option to add Slime-making to the party. You and your guests have exclusive use of our workshop (approx. 4,000sq/ft of studio space) and everyone creates, including the adults.


The process of art we create here is called Printmaking. Everyone will make their own series of prints on paper, using the various tools & techniques that we teach and all get to run our kid-friendly printing press. It’s a very hands-on, high energy creative time where the entire family (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles) and friends all create.

In addition to the individual print projects, everyone has the opportunity to work on the large paintings & prints on display throughout the shop. The party starts with a few group warm-up projects (to get everyone familiar with the type of work we do), followed by the individual printmaking projects and collaborative works. 



OPTION A:  Printmaking & Collaborative Art
$430 for 5 kids
$445 for 6 kids
$460 for 7 kids
$470 for 8 kids
$485 for 9 kids
$500 for 10 kids
$25 per additional child

OPTION B: SLIME-making, Printmaking & Collaborative Art
$500 for 5 kids
$520 for 6 kids
$535 for 7 kids
$545 for 8 kids
$560 for 9 kids
$575 for 10 kids
$28 per additional child (20 kids max for Slime)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
$50 Materials Fee
There is an additional $50 charge, which is a flat fee to cover some of the materials that are used, particularly by the adults participating. All the adults are welcome to participate in the Printmaking activities and work on the collaborative art projects throughout our studio. We get everyone involved. When we created this space, the idea was to have the kids and their adults work alongside each other. 
* Cost does not include food/drink/cake - see below for details.


Cost for the party does not include food/cake. The parents of the birthday child organize and plan for the delivery of food (pizza, bagels, sandwiches, etc). You can bring in whatever you’d like. Most opt for pizza or brunch-fare (bagels, pastries with juices & coffee). We do not have a refrigerator in the shop.

Little Pulp supplies paper goods (plates, napkins, plastic cutlery, cups, cake knife, butane lighter for candles) - but we do not get involved in the ordering, delivery and serving of the food. We get the kids to the food table, when it’s time to eat - and we entertain them while they eat - but the parents are actively involved in serving the food to their kids.

We have set up a very large table in the back of the shop, where the kids can spread out and enjoy the food & cake. The table is 4'x16' - which we feel is adequate to keep the kids safely separated and still enjoy each others company. 



We get a lot of requests for parties. If interested, please send us an email listing the date you are looking for and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are requiring a $200 (plus tax) deposit to secure a date. Please email us before paying a deposit. Below is our calendar (though please note that we manually update our calendar so dates that appear available, might already be booked. Thanks very much for your interest, we hope to be able to celebrate with you and your child.

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