July 25, 2019 2 min read

When Luke was an infant, I thought it was cute that he’d sit in front of my laptop and watch YouTube videos of kids playing with trains or legos. He’s now 11 watching YouTube videos of kids playing video games. Getting them to limit their use is an uphill battle and it’s exhausting.

I’ve spent 20 years building several creative businesses with minimal-to-moderate success, it’s been an uphill battle. For the last few years, I've spent hours per day on Instagram & Facebook trying to grow Little Pulp - and while I value the connections made - the reality - it’s just more quiet time in front of a screen and it's exhausting.
I’m sick of it - and I’ve decided to do something different.

Starting in September - once or twice a week, I will show up on Facebook live or Instagram Live or somewhere Live - with Luke & Lochlan. We’re going to draw, chat about our drawings -and- have some fun talking about creativity and using your imagination. It took me a while to convince them to do this. I hope it will be fun for them and I hope you will join us once in a while. Perhaps we can use these devices to really connect and create instead of just watching silly videos.

I am thinking Thursday evenings - but still need to iron out the fall schedule. We’ll sprinkle in updates to our workshop schedule. You can comment to us and Luke will read them out loud and chat with everyone in real time. I remember that show ‘The Magic Garden’ - always waited for those ladies on the swings to say my name - they never did…

I spend time, each week, drawing with my kids anyway - so showing up live wont be exhausting - it will be fun.

Tonight at the shop, we’re having another Thursday Night Summer Slime Workshop.
 Click Here to Sign up for Slime.

And, we have Open Studio tomorrow afternoon (4:00-7:00pm)