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October 07, 2015 2 min read

How to Personalize your child’s birthday sign?

Everyone is so busy these days and, once a year, their birthday rolls around leaving you in a mini-panic on how to decorate your house/apartment so when he or she wakes up, they give you that extra-special smile we all work so hard to get from them. Here is a very easy way to create a personalized sign just for your child, hand-crafted by you (extra-special). 

What you will need: 

  • Individual postcards for each letter of your child's name.
  • Fine Point black Sharpie® Marker (works best).
  • Crayons
  • Some creativity on your part.
  • About 25-30 minutes (work fast, the energy will make it more interesting).

  kid name art, diy name art

kid name art, personalized name art, diy name art

As you see in the images, take a postcard per letter and simply hand-draw block lettering. We cropped some of the letters off the sides, which makes it look more interesting as a whole. Some letters just may need to have edges, use your judgement. We used just one color on these and were planning on letting Lochlan color in the letters, but we liked the way this turned out so we are going to keep them and each letter in small frames or make a nice collage on one frame (not sure yet).

After you block out the letters, decorate the inside of the letters with different shapes. The important part for this is to make sure some of the shapes crop off the edges of the letters. This will give the overall name a nice continuous look. Once you have created the inside decoration, then take your crayon and color in the outside. Go all the way to the edges and don’t color outside the lines. After a few letters, you will feel like a kid again (really you will).

For this we used one of those extra-fat crayons and almost used up the full crayon. Once finished, simply place it on a shelf so it is the first thing your child see’s in the morning. We, actually, placed each card on the breakfast table and then moved them up to this shelf, once it was clear that Lochlan did not want to color in the letters.

kid name art, diy name art

For this particular project, we used extra-thick postcard stock that we had from a previous project. We have lots of really really thick paper stock, so if you would like some thick postcard stock to try this out yourself, please Click Here to Email Us and we will coordinate getting you some.