Lochlan’s Magic Bear

June 18, 2019 2 min read

First some news: I had a long meeting with Atlas and looks like we will be sticking around for another year (might even be signing for two years). The rent is going up - so I am pushing pushing myself to post more workshops and produce more art to sell (see below for the first few).

Ok, now for the part about Lochlan’s magic bear. I am working on a new parenting technique - which may stupendously backfire on us.

When Luke or Lochlan misbehave, fight with each other, speak disrespectfully to us, or ignore us - Instead of taking away the iPad for “the rest of the day” -or- “two days”, I have decided on this: They lose all devices until they read a chapter in their book and/or write a paragraph. The paragraph can be about anything (the more creative the better - I even give them fun ideas). Once completed, they get the devices back. I was worried it would backfire and create animosity toward reading & writing, but it’s actually been amazing! Lochlan has been writing a recurring storyline about a magical bear that rides a big bicycle. It’s so good, that Mike (who runs our open studio & is just the best)is creating illustrations for the story. Mike is a children’s book author - check out his latest book here. If Lochlan keeps at it, we’re going to make this story into a book. Here’s a sketch of Lochlan working away on his story.

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Art for Sale
It’ll take a while to get this going, but we have some Art for Sale up on the site. Just two prints and one collaborative piece - but you gotta start somewhere. Check it out and let me know what you think. More to come very soon...

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One more thing, I’m talking to Atlas about turning one of the empty stores into a gallery for an art show/sale. Will likely be in mid-July and if it’s successful, again in late August. Stay tuned for more on that. Enjoy your weekend - thanks very much for reading!


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Discovering & Making New Drawing Tools

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