July 04, 2019 2 min read

Happy Fourth of July!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my new parenting technique (my kids write paragraphs and read chapters to earn back digital devices). Not only is it working, but it’s helping me get stuff done - check this out.

Storytelling through Art
This all ties together, stay with me for a moment. Last night I created this mini story about Fred (he's our papier-mâché Octopus). Luke and Lochlan were both reading, due to the bickering in car on way home) - so, I grabbed a sketchbook, layed on the floor and created this...

I am so proud of myself, worked on this for about 1 hour, BUT - the best part about it... when Luke and Lochlan were finished with their reading, instead of grabbing devices, they went for their sketchbooks and did this...

They kept asking me “Daddy, why are you making this thing about Fred?”. Glad they asked, back to the reason I’m writing all this.

Mike, who oversees open studio, is illustrating Lochlan’s Magic Bear book and is, pretty much, the adult in the room here at the shop - has been suggesting we set up a 'make your own comic' workshop series. We finally did it, introducing: 
 STORYTELLING THROUGH ART: Create your own Comic: 
You and your child will develop characters, craft your story and write, draw, even print a mini booklet, comic strip or series of prints. Our first session is Wednesday, July 10 (10:30-12:00pm) and we’ll be running them every Wednesday through the summer, suitable for ages 7 and up.

If you know me, you know I’m a teller of stories - so I am looking forward to filling my sketchbook over the summer.

Oh, and there was a moral to the story about my kids drawing - just grab a sheet of paper or a sketchpad/sketchbook - lay on the floor and start drawing - don’t even tell the kids what or why you are doing it. Who knows, they may come and join you. If not, don’t worry - just keep drawing - it soothes the soul.

In addition to our ‘Storytelling’ Wednesday workshop series, we are also having lots of fun workshops and open studio through July & August - 

Click Here to See our Full Calendar of Workshops & Classes

Phew, got this one out early in the day - now off to the beach.
Enjoy the fireworks!