Enhance your students creativity with an immersive art experience

Learn the fine-art of printmaking and collaborate on paintings & sculptures at Little Pulp's 5,000 sq/ft studio in Glendale, NY. Email Us for availability.


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What do the Kids do?

Everyone including the teachers and parent chaperones will create their own set of beautiful prints (ink on paper), using our kid-friendly printing press. We’ll teach the tools and techniques and guide you all through the process. You’ll also get the chance to collaborate on or large canvas paintings and papiér-maché sculptures throughout the studio.

Time for the trip is 10:00am-12:00pm, and we only run one trip per day so if bus schedules are different, we can start a bit later than 10:00am.

How Much Does it Cost?

Pricing is $15 per student + $5 per parent chaperone.
We don’t put a limit on parent chaperones and they get to create their own prints too!
We don’t charge for teachers & paraprofessionals.

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Class Trip FAQs

Pricing is $15 per child plus $5 per parent chaperone. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a discounted rate for Title 1. We really wish we could.

The materials we use, and our overhead is such that it is not possible to offer a discounted rate.

Each child will create their own set of prints (ink on paper). Some kids will take 1-2 prints and others might take a lot. We don't put a limit on the number of prints each child can make - in fact, we encourage them to print as much as they can.

They also create bookmarks and postcards using stamps.

No, we are a Printmaking shop and all the kids will create their own set of prints (ink on paper) using our kid-friendly printing press. The paintings on display in our shop are collaborative art pieces that everyone works on together, over time - but they stay here in the shop.

All our bookings have to be coordinated through email. We get a lot of inquiries and are not able to reserve trips in person or on phone. All inquiries must be made through email.

Hope you can understand and hope to create with you and your students.


Yes. Our pricing is $15 per child for class sizes of 20 and up. For smaller class sizes (under 20 students) we charge $20 per child.

Please Email us for more information.

We really do get everyone involved and all parents that attend will work on their own project too!

Some of the parents end up enjoying it as much, if not more, than the students.

Oh and we don't charge for the teachers & paraprofessionals.

Not always.
Our online calendar is updated manually - so a date might appear available, but may already be in the process of being reserved.

Please Email Us for availability.

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