We’re Printmakers - Here’s our Story

and we think it’s a pretty good story...

Six years ago, March 2017, we had an idea to create a printmaking workshop for kids. So, we rented a ginormous storefront at The Shops at Atlas Park. 
We set it up as a pop-up and were supposed to be here for one month.

With so much wall space, it felt naked, so we mounted a bunch of canvas drop cloths to the walls and started painting with big sticks. 
We built a kid-friendly printing press, filled it with marbles and set up workshops on weekends.

The response was overwhelmingly positive - so we renewed and then kept renewing. Six years later, we’re still here. The space has changed quite a bit over time, and we’re transforming again - now that we’re (hopefully) coming out of the darkness from the last few years.

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We are a very small family run operation and -in addition to this workshop- we have another business that we run and freelance jobs - so if you want to get in touch with us, best way is to Fill out the Form Here. We will get back to you, via email, asap.

Thanks for reading about us! It really means a lot!