Art Class with Frank

Wednesdays, March 4–April 8
$225 (6 sessions)
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This will not be an ordinary art class and it will not be exactly the same as our workshops. We will explore a variety of techniques with drawing and printmaking at the center of it all. The class is open for ages 7 and up. We will make paper, create long-form print projects, draw and paint a lot and challenge each child to think creatively throughout. Each session will be run by Little Pulp owner Frank Kiernan. We’ll have fun and learn a lot. Hope you will join us. Click here for more details on the class.

Each class will function like a workshop - it will be slightly intense and we’ll move very quickly with lots of energy. 

Note from Frank:  This class is not a portfolio prep. If you’re trying to get your child into a high-school art program, this might not be the right fit. The work produced might not always be pretty, but I promise to challenge & push each child to think critically and achieve beyond their limits.

If you have questions about the program, click here to email us and we can schedule a time to speak on the phone.

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We are a very small family run operation and -in addition to this workshop- we have another business that we run and freelance jobs - so if you want to get in touch with us, best way is to Fill out the Form Here. We will get back to you, via email, asap.

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