July 18, 2019 1 min read

Happy Thursday - true story, the other day a dragonfly landed on the corner of my iphone and stayed there for about 20 seconds. I watched it turn his little head and look right at me like a space alien or something - it was amazing! I want to create a story about a dragonflly that wants his own iPhone.

Speaking of stories, we’ve finally figured out the overall look of Lochlan’s magic bear. If you missed my previous email on this, Lochlan and I are creating a story about a magic bear that has a bicycle Lochlan wants to ride. You can find out more details about the origins of the story here.

We’ve been sketching out the bear for weeks and this is what we’re going with - let me know what you think.

lochlans magic bear, bear drawing, kids book idea
Also, we’re having another Toddler Studio tomorrow morning for ages 2-4 years. The one we had a few weeks back - was a lot of fun.Oh, and I know it’s short notice - but we’re having Slime & Printmaking Workshop tonight from 6:00-8:00pm. Click Here to Sign up for Tonight’s Slime.

AND - if you are an adult and want to try printmaking without the kids around, tomorrow night - I am having my second Adult Printmaking Workshop.

Ok, that is all - I’m keeping this one short - because it looks like rain and I have to go get the boys from camp. Thanks for reading.