Custom Sketchbooks for Kids

For years, we’ve created sketchbooks for our kids, cousins and close friends as gifts. Everyone kept telling us to start a business selling custom products for kids. Whenever we gifted one of these books, the parents were surprised how their child would wake in the morning and look for their sketchbook instead of the iPad.

So, we finally listened and started Little Pulp, focusing on creating creating Personalized Sketchbooks for young and old. 

Your child’s eyes will light up when they see their first name beautifully printed on their very own custom sketchbook. A truly unique tool to inspire creativity for your little one.

Custom sketchbooks for your child available in a variety of colors to inspire them to draw, write, doodle and use their hands to create something completely new. Here are some images of our MINI custom sketchbooks which measure 7.25" x 5".

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