December 01, 2016 2 min read

Meet our “Hello, Goodbye” Custom Notecard - which was created for a group of friends last holiday season. Each child in a large family received a small set of their very own notecards to send to friends and family. 

Inspire your child to hand-write notes to friends and family with our Personalized “Hello, Goodbye” custom notecard set. A unique item that will get your child writing and connecting in a new (old) way. Who doesn’t love getting a hand-written note in the mail?

Custom Stationery products for kids is a unique way to engage your child to make connections with  for your child available in a variety of colors to inspire them to draw, write, doodle and use their hands to create something completely new. Here are some images of our MINI custom sketchbooks which measure 7.25" x 5".

kids stationery, custom notecard

kids stationery, custom notecard, custom notecards for kids

The “Hello, Goodbye” custom notecard set is printed on our beautiful 18pt (120#) Mohawk Superfine Eggshell in White which has a soft subtle wove texture. You can add edge-color to the cards for an added level of detail. Email us for details on ordering. 

kids stationery, custom notecards kids

kids stationery, custom notecards, kids notecards, personalized notecards for kids

We have kept the design very simple, with a ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ graphic placed on the edge of the cards, with your child’s name printed on the top “From the Desk of”. Why shouldn’t kids have social stationery, especially in this world of digital communication. We need to make sure they understand and enjoy the art of communicating with a hand-written note.

kids stationery, personalized notecard for kids, custom notecards, social stationery

kids stationery, kids personalized notecard, social stationery products

The idea for creating kids stationery began when we were giving away our custom sketchbooks and we’d receive hand-written thank you notes from the kids in the mail. Seeing my sons’ eyes light up when an envelope arrived in the mail with our address scribed with a child’s hand, it was then I realized the power hand-written stationery.

kids stationery, custom notecards kids, social stationery for kids

kids stationery, custom stationery for kids, kids notecards, custom sketchbooks kids