Hear from some of our customer’s as they describe children’s reactions to receiving their very first personalized sketchbook.


Rosette (mother of 2)
“I purchased the QCurly books for my daughters and they filled them up with pictures and personal essays in less than 1 month. I never expected them to use the book as much as they did”

Theresa (mother of one boy/one girl)
Little Pulp worked with me on a custom design for both my son and daughter’s books which I used as a holiday gift. They both really enjoyed their books. My daughter kept hers so perfectly organized with post it tabs and my son attacked the book with pens, pencils and sharpies. I will definitely be ordering more books for them in the future

NYC School Teacher (2nd Grade)

“I purchased a set of books for my students, for an end of the year gift. The team at Little Pulp gave me a nice discount on the full order, which I did not expect but was impressed and thankful for the great deal they offered. The look on each and every one of my student’s faces was absolutely priceless. I had many parents ask me where the books came from, because their siblings wanted books too. Little Pulp did a fantastic job setting up all the files and making sure we did not miss anyone, they even gave me a few extra blank cover books in case I missed a few (I could hand write the covers).Thanks Little Pulp, amazing products!


Jim & Tracy (new grandparents)
“We have known Frank & Lavinia for several years and are glad they finally started selling their products. They have been creating memorable gifts for family and friends for years and once our daughter was having a baby, we just had to have them create a book specifically for our beautiful granddaughter Bella. We worked with Frank on the details and they produced an amazing book that my daughter and son-in-law to keep forever. You have to contact them and get them to make you one of the hard cover books with your child’s name on the cover. Best of luck to everyone at Little Pulp, we are sure you will be successful.”