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We were written up in TimeOut New York for Kids in May 2017. Here are a few snippets from some of the parents. Click Here for the full link.

“Amazing space, amazing experience with amazing owner (artist). We went there for my 6 year old and my 2.5 year old was just tagging along. Frank (the owner) invited him to join and he loved playing with colors! Frank made the whole experience very special and interesting for little ones. We can not wait to go back again.

Thank you Frank for making this happen for our community.”

“There is nothing else like this place! My son (3 years old at the time) and I were invited by a friend. We had no idea what to expect during our first visit, and I was blown away. Frank, the owner, is energetic, great with kids of all ages, but best of all, thrives on creativity and is equally passionate about fostering creativity in the kids at his workshops. The children are usually engaged in a larger art collaboration in the beginning of a session (maybe paper mâché or printing using odd household accessories or tools) and then seamlessly transition to other projects. If a child loses interest in one project, there are always two to three other options to engage. The "meat" of the Little Pulp workshops is the actual printmaking. The printmaking is a 4-5 step process that adults will enjoy just as much as the kids. Kids are allowed to be as creative as their mind's desire. They will get messy. They will have a tactile learning experience. It's really incredible. My son and I have gone back three times, and seriously, we never get bored. Frank does a phenomenal job of keeping things fresh and interesting. We've even gained some prints for our apartment that are really cool. That was a bonus I wasn't expecting!”

“What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon! My son, 6, had a blast with all the different activities and opportunities for creativity. Frank, the owner, really "gets" the kids and is able to draw them out of their shell and get them brainstorming and participating!

My son doesn't really consider himself very interested in art, and I admittedly had to drag him to Little Pulp. But at the end of the session he didn't want to leave and couldn't stop talking about it! I even got the rarely seen or heard "You were right, Mom" out of it!

Bonus: The kids get to have utterly messy, hands-on fun and your house doesn't have to suffer!

“LOVE IT!! We went there with the girl scouts for a trip. Frank said the trip would be 3 hours and I could not imagine how he would fill the time. He kept the kids busy from when they walked in until they left.one of the best trips by far! Not only did he keep them busy but he kept them engaged. The girls ranged from ages 5 to 12. Frank was really wonderful, all the girls got a chance to learn and make prints. Favorite, by far, favorite trip ever!”