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Who We Are
Little Pulp is owned and operated by Lavinia Pana and Frank Kiernan, a husband & wife team along with their son’s Luke & Lochlan who give their feedback and test just about every product & mockup that is created in the studio. In addition to Lavinia & Frank, there are many other designers, artisans and creative individuals that contribute to the success of Little Pulp’s products.




Where the Idea of Little Pulp Started
The seed of the idea for Little Pulp started in 2007 several months before our first son Luke was born. In the early stages of her pregnancy, Lavinia and I took a trip to visit her family in Eastern Europe and, during our stay, headed over to Rome for a few days to visit a good friend who lived in Trastevere, a beautiful area south of Vatican City and within walking distance to the Pantheon (most beautiful building in the world). On the second day, we wandered into a small book shop and purchased two journal books, one was blue, one was green. Not especially fancy and, for all we knew, they may have even been available back in New York, but the fact that we found them in Rome in the midst of a life-changing time in our lives, made these two books extra-special.


We started writing notes to our soon to be son or daughter (highly recommend keeping the sex of the baby a surprise). We even took the book with us to the birth and I wrote throughout Lavinia’s labor. One memorable quote from that night/morning/afternoon/evening (very long labor) was: “little baby boy or girl, whatever happens in life from this point forward, you must remember this one very important thing, Mommy is always right. For what she is going through for you right now, you have to believe me, she is always right”.


Luke, our first son, was born and the book followed us home and stayed by our sides for most of the first few years of his life. We kept up with writing in the book for the first 1-1/2 to 2 years with specific notes, funny observations, and life lessons written directly to him. We call this “Our Book of Love” and hope he will like it, hope he will read it and hope he will cherish and keep it. Admittedly, we don’t write in it as much these days (there are only a few pages remaining), but every so often, we find ourselves picking it up off the shelf and jotting down some nice message of love in any of the blank spaces that exist throughout the book.


When family and friends found out about this book, they kept telling us they wanted to do the same and told us we should and sell these ”Love Books”. We did not know it at the time, but this is where the idea of Little Pulp started.




What We Do
Little Pulp creates and prints personalized sketchbooks and notecards specifically for children. Our products are designed with a focus on the child’s name using strong typography and vibrant colors. We also have a series of products to help make these personalized products a perfect gift for a kid’s birthday or milestone event. We are in development on gift boxes to help make our products an extra-special gift for that special child in your life.





Why We Sell Personalized Print Materials
For as long as we can remember, we’ve been giving custom notebooks and other personalized paper items as gifts and the reactions from our friends & family has been unbelievable. It was the 12 year old daughter of one of our our very best friends’ that sealed the deal for us in forming the company. When we handed her the package and told her it was a book with her name on it, she responding with a “yeah right”, yet when she opened the box saw the front cover, her mouth dropped and ran over to her parents to show them. That next week, we ironed out a plan to develop the following: 
  • Custom Personalized Notebooks/Sketchbooks
  • Personalized Notecards Sets
  • Custom Art Aprons & Smocks
  • Personalized Pencil Cases
  • Custom Labels & Stickers




How to Get in Touch with Us
If you have any questions on any of our products or would like to discuss a custom project, please email us at info@littlepulp.com.


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