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June 06, 2019 2 min read

Now that we’re 2-1/2 years into this art workshop endeavor, I’m officially starting a weekly email/blog post for Little Pulp. It is something I planned and wanted to do, but always found excuses to push it aside (along with lots of other things) but today is June 6, a very important date for my family. Two years ago today, my mother passed away - which was only three months after I opened here at Atlas Park. Still feels like a bit of a dream. I chose this day to re:Start and push forward.

So, with the help of Mike and Kevin (more on those guys in the coming weeks) - I will be sending out an email every Thursday evening - documenting what has gone on in the shop, throwing out new ideas, promoting and selling more of our art -and- hopefully having some fun with this format. I promise to try and not be too long-winded. Here goes (bear with me...)

Open Studio this Saturday, June 8 from 11:00am-4:00pm.
I will be working on some new ideas with the kids during open studio - it'll be super messy and fun. Click Here to Sign up

Experimental Printmaking Tuesday, June 11 from 11:00am-1:30pm.
No School today, so come in and create a series of mixed-media pieces using printmaking techniques. Reserve your Spot today

Two questions I continually get asked: “
Do you sell your own art and/or the paintings on the walls?” -and- “How can we help to support and keep you here at Atlas?” I had never thought about it and, honestly, am not all that comfortable with doing it - though in the interest of surviving and growing this business, am pushing myself to start & finish more collaborative paintings and prints, get them framed and put them up for sale on our site, with portion of proceeds going to St. Jude’s Pediatric Research Hospital. Here is the first one - it’s called Compostion #2 - full disclosure, the second pic is an imagined view of what it might look like if it was in a gallery setting. Price for this piece will be $1100 with $400 going to St. Jude’s. I am finishing it up in next few days and getting it framed (oh my!).

So, that's it for now. I got it in just under my deadline. I really wanted to get this out on June 6. Next week’s will be earlier (kids were home from school today and I cooked dinner for Grandpa. Have a great weekend!