My Daily Doodle Book

Want your own Doodle Book?

Frank created this bubble-letter “My Daily Doodle Book” graphic for your child to decorate their very own book. He has been doodling every day and posting his work here. 

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The book is 7.5" x 9.5", about the size of an iPad. There are 92 pages -which is about 3 months of daily doodling. The pages are Bright White thick Text paper, which is great for crayons, pencils, markers and even light painting. The binding is a white plastic coil which holds up pretty nicely to wear & tear.

The Story Behind Why We Make Sketchbooks
Years ago, I co-founded a print company called In a commercial print shop, you end up tossing a lot of paper into recycling bins. One day, I grabbed a few stacks of paper, punched holes and bound them into a few books. I brought them home and my boys started using them and really liked how nice the paper was. Having run my own graphic design company in a past life, I decided to create a few covers with my boys names. Next thing I was making books for cousins, then friends and everyone kept telling me to start a company and sell them. That is how Little Pulp was started.