My Big Doodle Book

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Do your kids love to Doodle?

We used to only offer customized sketchbooks with your child’s name on the front & back covers. Lochlan kept saying: “Dad, some kids might not want their name big on the cover. You should make a few that anyone can use”. So, we came up with the ‘My Big Doodle Book’ series, available in red, blue, pink and green. 

Your child will love the large size of this book, giving them the expressive freedom to sketch away. Scroll down to see Lochlan’s recent photo-shoot where he shows off each book as best he can.

The book is 10.5" x 12", which is the same size as our Extra-Large customized sketchbook. 85 pages of Bright White thick Text paper, which is great for crayons, pencils, markers and even light painting. The binding is a white plastic coil which holds up pretty nicely to wear & tear.


The Story Behind Why We Make Sketchbooks
Years ago, I co-founded a print company called In a commercial print shop, you end up tossing a lot of paper into recycling bins. One day, I grabbed a few stacks of paper, punched holes and bound them into a few books. I brought them home and my boys started using them and really liked how nice the paper was. Having run my own graphic design company in a past life, I decided to create a few covers with my boys names. Next thing I was making books for cousins, then friends and everyone kept telling me to start a company and sell them. That is how Little Pulp was started.

I never thought to create ‘regular/non-personalized’ sketchbooks, until Lochlan started pushing me to do it. We are in the planning stages on a bunch of other books and we’ll be introducing them in the next few months.



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We had a lot of fun taking these pics. He ended up keeping the green one and is using it almost every day. There is something about the size of this book that makes it very inviting for anyone (child or adult) to keep coming back to it. I am currently using the red one.