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A fundraising idea for your school.

We make these custom sketchbooks - each is personalized with your child’s name and the color of their choice. Size of the sketchbook is 9.5" x 7.5" (about the size of an iPad). Kids have been loving our sketchbooks and parents keep telling us to figure out a way to do a school fundraiser - so we’re giving it a shot.

Cost of the each book is $20 with $5 per book going back to your PTA. We like to call it a win-win-win.
1. Kids get a personalized sketchbook to create with. 
2. Your school can get $5 for each book sold to your students.
3. You help keep us busy and making some sort of income, allowing us to keep our art studio going through these tough times.


How does it work?

Little Pulp will send hard-copy order forms directly to your school. Parents select color choice and clearly print child’s first name, class and teacher’s name. PTA collects the money directly from the parents.

Order forms are submitted to Little Pulp at a pre-determined date. Production time on the order is two weeks. Little Pulp will deliver all books to the school. Each book will be shrink-wrapped, sorted by class and labeled with child’s name, class and teachers name.

Why can’t we order digitally?

We realize, with Covid, it might be difficult to coordinate hard-copy order forms and collecting money from parents, though currently, we are not set up to handle bulk orders from schools digitally.


Art Parties at Little Pulp

Our birthday parties are high-energy, very messy and the adults participate in all the activities.
Parties are 2 hours long (if you include Slime-making, party is 2-1/2 hours).

Due to the nature of our art process, we only offer a few events each weekend - and dates fill up. If you are interested -Email Us for Availability.

$575 for up to 10 kids

$25 Additional per Child


$50 Adult Participation/Materials Fee

Maximum number of kids allowed is 35.
Total number of kids includes birthday child.

The additional $50 Adult Participation fee covers costs for materials used. We get everyone involved. Adults make their own prints too!

~ • ~

Party time: 2 hours

~ • ~

Pricing does not include Food/Drink(see below)

$625 for up to 10 Kids

$30 Additional per Child


$50 Adult Participation/Materials Fee

Maximum number of kids allowed is 25.
Total number of kids includes birthday child.

The additional $50 Adult Participation fee covers costs for materials used. We get everyone involved. Adults make their own prints too!

~ • ~

Party time: 2-1/2 hours

~ • ~

Pricing does not include Food/Drink(see below)

What happens at a Little Pulp Party

Parties are 2 hours long and you have an option to add Slime-making to the party (slime parties are 2-1/2 hours).
You and your guests have exclusive use of our workshop (approx. 5,000sq/ft of studio space) and everyone creates, including the adults.

The process of art we create here is called Printmaking. Everyone will make their own series of prints on paper, using the various tools & techniques that we teach and all get to run our kid-friendly printing press. It’s a very hands-on, high energy creative time where the entire family (parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles) and friends all create.

In addition to the individual print projects, everyone has the opportunity to work on the large paintings & prints on display throughout the shop. The party starts with a few group warm-up projects (to get everyone familiar with the type of work we do), followed by the individual printmaking projects and collaborative works.

Click Here to Email us re: Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Cost does not include food/drink/cake.

Parents are responsible for bringing the food/cake. You can bring whatever you’d like - most opt for pizza. We can give you recommendations of pizza places.

We supply plates, napkins, utensils, etc - though we do not serve the food. All the parents pitch in to help get their kids food.

No, we are a Printmaking shop and all the kids will create their own set of prints (ink on paper) using our kid-friendly printing press (pictured above). The paintings on display in our shop are collaborative art pieces that everyone works on together, over time - but they stay here in the shop.

All our bookings have to be coordinated through email. We get a lot of inquiries and are not able to reserve parties in person or on phone. All inquiries must be made through email.

We realize this might be annoying to some, but we only run a few events each weekend and our dates fill up fast and it’s necessary for us to track everything through email. Hope you can understand.

Not always.
Our online calendar is updated manually - so a date might appear available, but may already be in the process of being reserved.

Yes, the birthday child is part of the final number of kids.

Yes, any child over the age of 1 year is included in the count. We really do get everyone involved.

If you have a situation where there are a lot of younger siblings, let us know and we can work something out.

We have an additional $50 charge, which is a flat fee to cover some of the materials that are used, particularly by the adults participating.

All the adults are welcome to participate in the Printmaking activities and work on the collaborative art projects throughout our studio. We get everyone involved.

When we created this space, the idea was to have the kids and their adults work alongside each other. 

On the Day-of my party...

You can arrive 30 minutes prior to your party start time.

No, we only charge for the kids that attend the party. If someone is unable to make it, for any reason, we won’t include them in the final count.

Since Covid, we have eased our cancellation policy. If something should happen where you would need to cancel the party - we will issue you a refund of the deposit.

We might revisit this policy at some point - but we understand things can happen.

No, we do not serve the food/cake/etc. We make announcements when the food is ready and get the kids to the table -but all the adults help serve their kids food. It goes along with the collaborative nature of our shop.