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A fundraising idea for your school.

We make these custom sketchbooks - each is personalized with your child’s name and the color of their choice. Size of the sketchbook is 9.5" x 7.5" (about the size of an iPad). Kids have been loving our sketchbooks and parents keep telling us to figure out a way to do a school fundraiser - so we’re giving it a shot.

Cost of the each book is $20 with $5 per book going back to your PTA. We like to call it a win-win-win.
1. Kids get a personalized sketchbook to create with. 
2. Your school can get $5 for each book sold to your students.
3. You help keep us busy and making some sort of income, allowing us to keep our art studio going through these tough times.


How does it work?

Little Pulp will send hard-copy order forms directly to your school. Parents select color choice and clearly print child’s first name, class and teacher’s name. PTA collects the money directly from the parents.

Order forms are submitted to Little Pulp at a pre-determined date. Production time on the order is two weeks. Little Pulp will deliver all books to the school. Each book will be shrink-wrapped, sorted by class and labeled with child’s name, class and teachers name.

Why can’t we order digitally?

We realize, with Covid, it might be difficult to coordinate hard-copy order forms and collecting money from parents, though currently, we are not set up to handle bulk orders from schools digitally.