The Paint Studio Program

You and your child will each work on your very own canvas, over the course of several studio sessions, here in our 5,000 sq/ft workshop. Choose from several pricing packages (below) and join us at any of our Open Studio sessions, scheduled throughout the year. The focus of the work will be on process art, allowing you both to express yourselves creatively and watch your canvas transform over time.

How Does it Work?
The cost of the program includes the two canvas’ and a specific number of open studio sessions, where you can come in, set up and work on your paintings. Once you have completed the open studio sessions, you are welcome to come back and keep working (you’ll need to sign up for each open studio session, which also includes the ability to work on printmaking projects in our shop). 

Can I use the smaller canvas for a 2nd child?
No, we set up this workshop so kids can see their parents working on art right next to them. If you prefer to have your child take an art class, where you drop them off, then this program is not for you. In our experience, creating art alongside your child is a wonderful way to connect with each other.

We do have packages for parents with more than one child - see below.

Do I need to take my canvas home?
No, we store your canvas’ here in our shop. At anytime, when you feel the work is complete, you can bring the canvas home. 

package includes a 30" x 40" canvas for your child and we also offer a smaller canvas for you (the parent, grandparent, babysitter, etc). We developed this workshop as a space where parents work alongside their children. The 

 child that joins our Paint Studio Program This fall, we are excited to offer a new initiative here at Little Pulp. You can now purchase a gallery-style stretched canvas and work on it here in our shop during any of our Paint Studio workshops and/or Open Studio sessions.

• You purchase a 30" x 40" canvas from us.
• Purchase of canvas includes any two Paint Studio Workshops
• We store the painting in our shop.
• You can come in for any Open Studio session to work on your paintings.
• All paints, inks, finishes and mixed-media materials supplied by Little Pulp.