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We Design and Print all our products
All Little Pulp products are designed and manufactured right here in our workshop in upstate NY. The pens, pencils and other accessories are purchased through distributors, but every sketchbook, postcard and notecard is designed, printed, hand-bound, packed and shipped by us. We personally fine tune and adjust the typography for each order to make sure your child’s name looks perfect on the front and back cover.
We print the covers on a high-quality digital four-color press and assemble each book by hand using heavy-weight premium commercial papers that work perfectly for sketching on a variety of media. Since all our products are customized, we can create a custom book or set of books for you and your loved ones. Click Here to discuss Custom Orders and we will get back to you with details and pricing.



We even made our own sign (by hand)
We love making stuff and recently we had the opportunity to be involved in a pop-up holiday market with very little time to prepare. We took some corrugated cardboard, hand cut our logo and used papier-mâché, gesso, glue and some yellow paint to create our own 3-dimensional sign. We only had 2 days to produce it, so there was no time to think, we just did it. Sometimes great things happen when you have a hard deadline.
We love this sign for two main reasons. First and most important, we used papers, sketches and old homework sheets from our two son’s school work that we have been collecting for many years. Also, it represents the first time we had to stand up next to our products and sell them to complete strangers. We also love it, because we used papers, sketches and old homework sheets from our two son’s school work and doodling. 




Giving Back  |  Making a Difference
The idea for Little Pulp started when our friends and family kept pushing us to sell the products we had been giving to them as gifts for years. In this spirit of giving, we have started an initiative called The BeGoodPeople Initiative. The BeGoodPeople Initiative will produce and send a Personalized Sketchbook to any child that is battling illness or has recently suffered the loss of a loved one. When a child sees a book with their own name on the cover, it is amazing to see their response. Their eyes light up, it is pure joy. If we can give some joy to a child who really needs to smile and maybe even needs to write or draw, then that is our purpose and that is our joy.
If you know a child that is battling illness or has suffered the recent loss of a loved-one, please Email Us to go over the details and we will contact you to coordinate creating and sending them a Personalized Sketchbook at no cost. You can read more about this at BeGoodPeople.com. And please share this with anyone you know who may benefit from our initiative. Let’s bring some smiles and creativity to someone that needs it.


Visit BeGoodPeople.com



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We are a very small family run operation and -in addition to this workshop- we have another business that we run and freelance jobs - so if you want to get in touch with us, best way is to Fill out the Form Here. We will get back to you, via email, asap.

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