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Custom Sketchbooks for Kids


Personalized with your child’s name
For years we’ve created custom sketchbooks with our children’s name on the front & back covers. Then we started creating sketchbooks for their friends as birthday party favors. All the parents kept telling us how much their children loved the books and would never put them down. Everyone kept telling us we should start a business, so we finally listened and now sell the books we’ve been creating for years. It’s been an amazing first few years creating personalized sketchbooks for children all over the world (our books have traveled to Australia, Denmark and even South Africa). We never imagined the positive feedback to our products, all of which are designed, printed and bound by hand in our workshop in New York. We offer four sizes and over 40 colors to choose from (each color is named after our children and their friends). The inside pages are blank heavy-weight Bright White uncoated paper and bound with a durable plastic coil. We do offer printing for the inside pages, please Click Here to Email us for details. Purchasing our products also helps us continue our mission of donating custom sketchbooks to any child, within the U.S. battling illness or having recently suffered the loss of a parent.



Choose from over 40 Colors
Our color palette is named after our children and their friends. You can select any of our colors for all products, simply enter your child’s name, followed by the color choice in “Order Notes" on all our product pages. Click Here to Email us any questions. 







Designed, Printed and (Personally) Hand-crafted for You
We work on each order to make sure your child’s name is set to the appropriate size and proportion for the book you choose. While the covers are printed on an actual printing press, all other aspects of production are completely hand-crafted. There are machines that could speed up our process, but we prefer the intimacy of putting each book together. We started creating these books as gifts for loved ones and want to carry that tradition on with all our customers. Here are some snapshots of our process.












Inspire your child to Draw, Write, Doodle and Dream
We have witnessed, with our own children, from friends and hearing back from our customers, just how much these custom sketchbooks have impacted the creativity of children. Perhaps, due to the fact that their name is front and center on the books cover, giving them a strong sense of ownership, or perhaps it is the quality of the inside pages. We are not sure, but we do know that, even the adults love drawing with their kids in these books. If you need more information before ordering, please Click Here to Email us for details. Thanks so much for visiting our site. We look forward to the possibility of creating a custom sketchbook for your child.


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