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Collaborative Art with Kids

We work on Collaborative Art (including painting and papier-mâché) during all our Printmaking & Slime workshops, Birthday Parties and School Trips. We do not have separate workshops specifically for painting & papier-mâché.

Collaborative painting with toddlers


When we set up this workshop, the main focus was for the kids to learn the fine-art of printmaking. We built a kid-friendly printing press, that the kids operate. Each print takes time - worried that the kids would get impatient waiting for their turn to print - we ran to HomeDepot, grabbed a few heavy-duty drop cloths and some PEX flexi-pipe - screwed the drop cloths to the walls and duct-taped paint brushes to the flexi-pipe and voila - we had our first collaborative art projects.

Four years later, we now have lots of large paintings and a bunch of papier-mâché animals including Willoughby & Ennis, our two giraffes (with another on it’s way - his name is Romnik), Penelope our rhino, Fred our octopus, Harriet our Sperm Whale and Mr. Curvy our water-bear/caterpillar.

Our CITY collaborative painting has been worked on for about 3 years, with lots of changes along the way. We have a blog post that shows the evolution of this painting.

collaborative painting with teens

City collaborative painting


In addition to the large-paintings we also work with papier-mâché - here is Harriet, our sperm whale. We built her out of scrap pieces of corrugated cardboard with duct tape and are papier-mâché-ing pages from the book Moby-Dick by Herman Melville, for metaphysical weight/for soulful density. Harriet papier-mâché whale

We also work on smaller scale collaborative paintings using pre-stretched canvas, masonite framed with 2x4's and pieces of wood. Here are a few more of these. 

collaborative painting

cityscape collaborative painting at Little Pulp

Still life collaborative painting

We are starting to finalize many of these paintings and will be putting them up for sale, here on our site - along with some of the limited-edition prints and drawing/prints we are working on.

printmaking workshop for kids