A Printmaking/Art Workshop for Kids

We have transformed a 5,500 sq.ft storefront at The Shops at Atlas Park into a Printmaking/Art Workshop for Kids and their Adults. Started back in March, as a pop-up, we have now extended through the full year so we'll be offering school trips, birthday parties, adult print & sip nights, age-specific classes and our popular weekend workshops. Click Here for a full schedule of Events.

Birthday Parties  |  Toddler Time  |  Under 2 Sensory Art
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How does it work?
The best way to start is to sign up for one of our Weekend Workshops, suitable for all ages (we’ve had 18 months through 18 years participate with their parents/caretakers). This session is 2-1/2 to 3 hours of creative fun where both the children and their adults learn the fine-art of printmaking. The cost is $35 per child (slight discounts when signing up more than one child). Parents, grandparents & caretakers are encouraged and expected to participate (we don’t charge for the adults but they get to work on their own projects alongside their children).

Our Weekend Workshop are held most Saturdays & Sundays from 3:00-5:30pm (check our Full Calendar for upcoming dates). The workshop is a very high-energy collaborative space where everyone creates, makes a mess and produces quality print work they can take home, frame and keep forever.

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Toddler Time & “Under 2” Sensory Art
Now that school is back in session, we are setting up our Toddler Time and “Under 2 Sensory Art” workshops. Toddler Time is suitable for 18months through 4.5 years - we incorporate more painting in addition to the printmaking (since that seems to be what this age group enjoys most). The “Under-2” sessions are crafted for children from 8months through 18 months, where we set up a number of stations for the adults to move through and each child leaves with a series of prints that they actually create themselves (with our help).

When we set up this place, the intent was to have children of all ages come together along their parents, and create art, have fun, make a mess and produce quality print work that they can take home, frame and keep forever.


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