After School Art Club

art class, little pulp, afterschool, art club, printmaking, kids art classMondays-Fridays 3:00–5:30pm
$20 per session per child.
No long term commitment - sign up for one session at a time. This is not a drop off, sorry :(

We are getting wifi set up and a coffee machine, so you can decompress, catch up on emails -or- you are more than welcome to create with us too!

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What is Art Club?

Every day, we will be doing Printmaking, Comic Book-making, Stamping Notecards & Wrapping Papers, and we’ll have plenty of markers, pens & pencils for Doodling & Drawing. We’ll also be working on some of our large paintings and papier-mâché sculptures throughout the studio.

The kids will be able to move to and from these activities -or- if they choose to focus on one, that’s fine too. We expect quite a few to come in multiple days to work on their comic-books, developing their characters and storylines. 

You don’t need to come in at 3:00pm, though once you arrive, you are welcome to stay up until 5:30pm. We won’t be offering an endless supply of materials (hopefully you can understand). This is what we have in mind.

Printmaking:  We’ll give your child a small foam printing plate, which they can carve, using a pencil and they can make a series of prints. 

Comic-Book Making: Your child will get a blank comic-book template, for them to draw their own comic book. They can use pencils, markers or our super cool ink pens to develop their characters and craft their storylines.

Stamping Notecards (& Wrapping Paper):  Create 2-3 folded notecards using our library of rubber stamps and linocuts. We’ll have envelopes and will encourage the kids to write the cards to someone they love and we can even mail them out in our papier-mâché mailbox, right here in the shop (real stamps will be given to any child that writes a card and addresses an envelope).

Doodling & Drawing: We have 1000s of markers, colored pencils and ink pens for the kids to mindlessly or mindfully doodle and draw. We’ll come up with prompts and ideas to inspire them to work on a doodle project that can carry over, across multiple visits to the studio.

Painting & Papier-mâché:  We won’t be working on all our large collaborative paintings and sculptures, but we’ll definitely be working on a few of them each day during Art Club. Our hope is that we can actually focus on a few of the large paintings and move them toward completion.

We will also use the time we have to teach the kids a thing or two about creativity, art & design -and- we’ll stretch our creative muscles with new ideas as we move forward. 

You don’t need to sign up for a long-term series of classes. You can just reserve your spot one session at a time - come as often as you’d like. We have heard from some parents that they plan to bring their kids every Tuesday or every Friday - to keep them creating during the school year.

We understand that some of the local schools have cut back on After School programs, so we thought it might help to give you an option for something to do with the kids. Hope to see you at the shop!

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Below is our full calendar of events.