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Personalized Baby Books

July 13, 2015 2 min read

Personalized Notebook with your newborn’s name on the cover is a great tool to keep handy during the first few months/years so you can write down all the quirky things they did and have it be a keepsake for them to look back on later in their life. 

 Here are a few of the books we have made that are perfect for a baby. This first one is a set of books we did for Avery who was turning 1. The message alongside the large roman numeral one says “Those who knew me when I was one filled this book with stories for me to keep forever”. Our first Number ONE book measured 9.375" x 10.25". The second book is our BIG Personalized Sketchbook which measures 10.5" x 12". Both include about 100 blank sheets of 80lb. Text weight paper which is perfect for a variety of writing materials including pen, pencils, colored markers, sharpies & crayons.

 Here are two custom sketchbooks we created for Isla (printed in RaniaPink) and our Number TWO book which was printed for Andrew. We had not created a book specifically for a 2 year old, so what we did was repurpose our Number ONE graphic with no message. We are still working on the design for this one.

custom notebooks for babies

And here are two of our original colors LochlanBlue and BilliePink. Lochlan is our little one and Billie is the younger sister of one of Luke’s buddies. We feel these are two great colors for a baby boy or baby girl.

baby books, custom journals for a baby



Would you like to create a book for your baby?
We have developed our personalized sketchbooks to work for all ages, though a book for a newborn baby may need to be something slightly different. If you would like to create a special book for your little one Click Here to Email us and we will get back to you to go over the details.