Friday, July 19

Toddler Studio: Printmaking, Papier-mâché & Painting
Friday, July 19, 10:30-12:00pm

Your child is going to make a mess, create something beautiful and make even more of a mess (and you don’t have to clean it up). Our Toddler Studio is for ages 2 through 4 years and includes painting on large surfaces, creating our papier-mâché animals and each child will work on their own series of prints to keep (actual frame-able art for your home!)

This is a hands-on workshop where parents, grandparents & caregivers are expected to participate. The art process we teach is printmaking, though for the toddler studio, we focus a bit more on painting and move through a number of activities to keep the group engaged. All inks & paints are non-toxic, though wear clothes that can get messy.
Suitable for ages 2–4 years

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