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Open Studio Starter

Open Studio
Weekday Afternoons  |  2:00pm-6:30pm

We are now offering Open Studio (for Both Kids & Adults) on weekday afternoons in the summer. This “Starter Package” includes two foam plates and 10 sheets of paper to create your own series of prints. Our staff will instruct you on the proper use of mateirals and techniques and urge you to take your time and properly plan your project. You are welcome to stay as long as you’d like and be creative in our space, working on your plates and printing your series.

When you run out of paper, you can work on some of the large-scale collaborative pieces throughout our shop, help us papier-mâché our animal sculptures or doodle on some of the sketchbooks we have throughout the shop. This starter series will give you a taste of what printmaking is all about and you can purchase additional items to continue working.

What is the Age Group?
Open studio is suitable for children and adults of all ages. Anyone can purchase a starter package and work in the shop.

What Should they Wear?
Aprons are available for your use. All inks/paints are non-toxic and clean with soap & water, though we do suggest wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.

Do we have to pay for other materials besides plates and paper?
No, the inks, pencils and other tools & equipment are available for everyone to use. You pay for the foam plates and or the use of our acrylic plates and you pay for the paper to print on.

Can I bring in my own paper to print on?
Very sorry but you are not able to print on papers or other materials you bring into the shop. We hope you understand that we are doing our best to offer the printmaking experience to people of all ages and in order to sustain an Open Studio environment where everyone can explore their creativity and take their time working on the projects, we need to charge for the paper/materials you will print on

If you have any questions on our open studio, please Click Here to Email us