Marker-Doodle-Do Drawing Workshop, Sunday MAR 31

Looking for something different to do with your kids on Sunday afternoon? Join me and the Little Pulp team in creating some interesting paper art using markers. This workshop will not involve printmaking. We’ll be sitting at the main work table with lots of beautiful papers (folded cards, big sheets, small cards, sketchbooks, etc) and lots & lots of ink and markers. I’ll be showing the kids (and parents too) that with color, line and shape- it is possible to create something beautiful with a few simple creative tools. 

FULL DISCLOSURE:  This workshop is for ages 6 and up -and- will not be like our regular weekend workshops. There will be less running around and more calm/controlled creativity. If your child cannot sit still for a minute (like my little guy), then this might not be the workshop for you.

Sunday, MAR 31  |  4:00pm-6:00pm
This particular workshop is suitable for ages 6-18 years

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