Open Studio

For the fall we are offering Open Studio on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 4:00-7:00pm. Open Studio in a printmaking workshop is not easy - so some explanation is required. Here goes...

Firstly, the open studio is for both Kids and Adults. When we started this workshop, it was set for children and their parents, though a lot of adults have come in expressing interest in working on projects too.

We’ll have several different print packages to choose from starting at $25. Each package will include printing plates (of various sizes) and a certain amount of paper to create your prints. In addition to the printmaking, everyone that attends Open Studio will have opportunity to work on the large-scale collaborative pieces we have on display in our shop. We will not put a limit on time, you can spend the full afternoon at the shop. The art of printmaking works best when the artists carefully plans out his/her project and spends the time to sketch out your ideas and properly prepare your plate for printing. 

We’ll have the different packages on display, though you can Email us in advance with any questions

Prices will vary depending on the type of projects you wish to produce. Our “Starter Package” is $25 and includes two foam printing plates and about 10 sheets of quality paper to print your series. All inks & materials/tools are included and available for you to use in the workshop. You can order an open studio package on our site -or- just come in and our staff will explain how it works and you can pick the package that works best right here in the shop.



The starter package includes two pieces of foam (which can be cut down into smaller pieces if you’d like) and 10 sheets of paper (various sizes). The foam is what you and your child will use to create your art - which will then be inked up and printed on our kid-friendly printing press, or you can hand print using variety of printmaking tools.

You can share these materials with more than one person, and included in the Open Studio package - you will have the ability to work on the large-scale collaborative pieces throughout the shop.


This includes use of a large acrylic plate (19” x 22”) and 3 sheets of large paper. Our staff will assist in helping you choose the colors for background - and show you how to properly roll out the ink. Then you can use Qtips, paint brushes, paper towels, and inks to create your poster. We create posters for the birthday child at parties - and all the kids want to work on their own. A poster could be something you work on for several hours - we have worked on posters for up to 5-6 hours.

Included in Open Studio is also the ability to explore the larger pieces in our shop - and work on them - so if someone is working on the poster (for instance) they can take a break and work on the other pieces through the shop.

If you are interested in Open Studio - but not exactly sure how it works, please Click Here to Email us and we can answer your specific questions.