Art Studio, Mon & Wed, 4:00-5:30pm

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Painting, Printmaking & Papier-mâché

Suitable for all ages.
Mask are required for all. Only 5 spots available each week.

Your child needs to be creative, now, more than ever - so we’re setting up this studio time to explore a wonderfully fun and wildly messy method known as ‘Process Art’. With process art, it’s not the end result, but rather the experience of creating that is the focus. We’ll use painting, printmaking, papier-mâché and other techniques to help you and your child escape from the stresses we’re all facing these days.

This is not a drop-off class, adults can create art too! Everyone will work on their own unique prints and paintings on paper. You will also work on our large collaborative paintings and papier-mâché sculptures throughout the studio.

If interested, but would like more details, please Click Here to email us.

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