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Sensory Art Workshop, For Toddlers “Under 2”

Sensory Art Workshop, For Toddlers “Under 2”

$ 25.00

*Note: Saturday & Sunday are 9:00am-10:30am

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Our “Under 2-Sensory Art” Workshop is suitable for ages 12 through 24 months. Parents are included in the cost per child and absolutely must participate in the session. We set up the workshop as an Open-Studio, with several stations with age-specific activities for the little ones to engage in with their parents. All the ink we use is safe, non-toxic and cleans with soap&water. While this is a printmaking workshop, we focus more on painting and stamping for this age group, though each child will leave with a series of individual prints that they worked on directly. The sessions we have had for this age group, in the past, have been a lot of fun. Parents get a chance to immerse themselves and their children in paint and ink, without the hassle of cleaning up.

What is the Age Group?
The Sensory Workshop is best for ages 12-24 months, though older children are welcome to particpate. This particular session functions more as an open-studio, where kids can explore the variety of art activities.

What Should they Wear?
Smocks are available, and all inks/paints are water-based, non-toxic and clean with soap & water. We do suggest wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting messy.

What do we get to Keep?
Each child will create a series of their very own individual prints. The inks we use stay wet for a while (we have clothes lines for drying). Parents can either pickup the prints at a later date, or take them with you (we have paper bags to carry prints home).

We also have our Custom Sketchbooks and Notecards on display which can be ordered through our website.

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What is Printmaking?

If you have no idea what printmaking is, here are a few pics that have inspired us to put this workshop together. Printmaking is a beautiful process that celebrates the “happy accidents” and children love to work with different tools to create something new. We have built a ‘Kid-Friendly’ Printing Press that everyone has a chance to operate and make their own prints. In addition, we have many other large-scale art activities throughout our 5,000 sq.ft. workshop.

We hope to see you there.


Sensory Art Workshop, For Toddlers “Under 2”
$ 25.00

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Sensory Art Workshop, For Toddlers “Under 2”

Sensory Art Workshop, For Toddlers “Under 2”
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