Birthday Deposit Payment

Please confirm date via email before submitting payment. Click Here to Email us.

Total cost for birthday parties is as follows:
$460 (up to 10 kids)
$550 (up to 15 kids)
$635 (up to 20 kids)
$20 additional per child

Please make sure you have confirmed with us that your date is available and make sure to list the date we discussed in ‘SPECIAL NOTES’ on the ‘YOUR CART’ page. Click Here to Email us if you have any questions. You can also check out Our Calendar to see if your preferred date is available (though someone may already .

A birthday party at Little Pulp is 2-1/2 to 3 hours of creative fun where all the kids (and parents) get messy and learn a new process of art. Most weekends, we have a birthday from 10:30am-1:00pm and, if we don’t have a workshop scheduled, we can also offer an afternoon party (3:00-5:30pm). We only hold two sessions per day, though it usually takes longer and we don't rush anyone out. We made sure to pad enough time in case the kids want to continue working on their projects. 

The Birthday child will help us develop the color palette for the day and we'll come up with a theme for the large-scale collaborative work to be produced by the entire group.

Each child (and parents are also welcome to particpate) will make a series of their own prints and everyone will work together on a large print for the birthday child. In addition, they'll all be able to work on all the other activities we have throughout the shop.

After breaking for food and cake, we'll end the party with a large print that everyone will collaborate on - which will be given to the birthday child. 

• Exclusive use of full shop and all stations/activities.
• Group warm-up project. Theme chosen by birthday boy/girl (in advance).
• Birthday child receives special gift (personalized Apron) from Little Pulp
• We have generic paper goods (plates, cups, napkins, cutlery)

*For the younger age groups (2-3 yrs) we usually tailor the experience to include more painting - since the printmaking involves a bit more planning. For the printmaking portion, we usually trace their hands or feet and our staff helps etch their names, creating a series of prints for each child to give to grandparents and other family & friends - it’s a lot of fun.  

Parents of birthday child are responsible to supply and serve the food and drink. We suggest breakfast/brunch (bagels, muffins, croissants, fruit, coffee & juice) or Pizza.

Our staff will work on clearing the work table and setting it up for food, though parents will need to serve the food. We'll get all the kids to sit down and have them engaged in an activity while the parents hand out the pizza. If you wanted to stop by the shop to see how we do it, i can talk you through it in the space (we can set up a time for you to come visit). Due to the size of our space, when there is a large crowd of kids, if our staff is focused on preparing/serving the food, the kids start running around and someone could get hurt. We focus on keeping them sitting at the table and will certainly lend a hand - but we have noticed that most parents/guests are willing to help out (it all ties into the collaborative/workshop approach to the art we create).  

• $12 per child (Mini Sketchbook - personalized)
• $16 per child (Small Sketchbook - personalized)
• $20 per child (Big Sketchbook - personalized)
• $24 per child (Personalized Aprons for each child)
• $85 "Bubble-wrap" Dance Party**

• Final guest count due 4 days prior to party. If we are producing party favor sketchbooks, we'll need final guest count/names 7 days prior to party.

**Bubble Wrap Dance Party: We did this for my son's party and it was a real hit. We will line an area of the shop floor with bubble wrap, build the excitement and have everyone standing on the edge of the wrap, ready to pounce. When we give the signal and start the dance music - they will all start jumping on the bubble wrap and the combination of the noise from the bubble wrap popping and the kids laughing is something else. You will want to make sure to capture this on video.

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